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NCAA Sports Requirements

Learn more about NCAA sports requirements by visiting the NCAA Eligibility Center. Use the links below for additional support.

To be eligible for NCAA sports, you must have a minimum Core grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. To play, you must have 2.3 GPA or higher. Core GPA is different from overall GPA. To determine your Core GPA, use the Core GPA Calculator.

  • Division I Academic Requirements & Fact Sheet
  • Division II Academic Requirements & Fact Sheet
    College-bound student-athletes first enrolling at an NCAA Division II school on or after August 1, 2018, need to meet new academic rules to practice, compete and receive athletics scholarships during their first year.
  • Division I & II Worksheet
    This worksheet is provided to assist you in monitoring your progress in meeting NCAA initial-eligibility standards. The NCAA Eligibility Center will determine your academic status after you graduate. Remember to check your high school's list of NCAA-approved courses for the classes you have taken